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Innovation & Research, Diversified Development, Precise Manufacture, Focus on Quality, Prompt Delivery and Comprehensive Service,

Six characteristics to provide you the more satisfied and professional products.


Founded by Chairman, Mr. Hsieh Shu Chu with tremendous effort and devotion in 1991, HO CASTER Industrial Co., Ltd that specializes in producing quality industrial caster. With the more than 25 year’s experiences, the quality is more stable and also by the development of new products, HO CASTER gradually secured it a place amount the top-tire of the industry. Simultaneously, in order to response the market demand, we increase the production line of folding trolley and stainless steel caster, making our solution more diverse and rich.

In the future, HO CASTER will keep building own brand and following the core values of attention to quality, customer-oriented service, innovation and research for being the best caster solution provider.

Caster Wheels Industrial Casters Foldable Trolley Caster Wheels Manufacturer

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Why Choose

Diversification, Research and Innovation

Main concept is being easy push and durable.

Also be complied with environmental issues.

HO CASTER develops new casters to response the market demands every year.

Service First, Customer Foremost

Customer-Oriented and Fast Delivery.

Regardless of specific requirement, or any questions of casters,

HO CASTER service team is eager to provide and assist the solution for you.

Precision Manufacture, Quality Attention

HO CASTER alone arranges more than 85% of production and strictly control.

From wheel, fork to accessory, all are through the multi-check.

The remaining materials should are also through tested and detection.


Industrial high quality casters provide the good stability for equipment and machines. In order to respond to different environments, we continuously develop and improve all parts of casters, from fork to wheel. We surely can provide the best caster solution for our customers.

Trolley / Cart / Dolly

Foldable trolley, dolly and working cart, all are used the high impact plastic platform. With HO Caster’s casters, they are easy moving and durable.


For a variety of industries, environments, ground, we provide the most suitable wheel material. In addition, about the wheel core/ rim, it is also available on request. Such as the high-strength cast iron core or the corrosion-resistant and light aluminum core.

Leveling Feet

Zinc plated and with rubber spacer, it supplies the appropriate skid proof and shock absorption. Application: Industrial, automatic machine or equipment.。

PU Products

Variety of PU material applications, including the drive wheel of fork lift, trailer wheel, technologic consumptive materials and so on. Complete production and testing equipment can provide the ability of adjusting the PU characteristics, such as durability, flexibility and load capacity.